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Career Enabling

Career enabling supports you by expanding your knowledge to expose you to external career opportunities. This helps you determine whether you should make a change. Whether we are at the top of a boom or in a soft job market, we will explain the risks and opportunities of making a move.

Regardless of whether you want to move today or if there is a suitable position available right now, the time is always right to discuss career options. This is what Genesis means when we talk about career enabling:


Have you truly figured out if it makes sense for you? Genesis can crunch the numbers and help you figure out whether the costs of your move will be made up in the future through greater compensation, benefits and career satisfaction.

True Costs
Direct Costs
Lost Income
Indirect Costs
Career Satisfaction

We also have a great feel for the hiring cycles. We’ve lived through these cycles for over 30 years and can advise you on when companies are expanding and paying top dollar or if it’s best to stay put. If the job market isn’t very good, we’ll be up-front with you. We are truly objective and unbiased because we think long-term and focus on relationships.

What’s important to Genesis is the relationship we build long term with our candidate base. We want you to see Genesis as your career advisor as well as someone to aid you in finding a new position.

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