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U of A Dean of Engineering Angered over Honorary Doctorate to be granted to David Suzuki

David Suzuki, a broadcaster, scientist, and Order of Canada companion is set to receive a science honorary doctorate on June, 7 during convocation in spring.

However, people not happy with his position are outraged over the move. Suzuki believes the oil sands should be closed and development of the pipeline halted to promote environmental protection.

Moodys Gartner, a law firm in Calgary, cancelled its funding to U of A’s law school worth $100,000 through a letter it sent to the university. The funding was for five years, running until 2020.

Denis Erker, a partially retired businessman, has donated funds to the University of Alberta since the 1970s and even supported fundraising campaigns. However, he said he’ll completely withdraw his support if the doctorate Suzuki is to receive isn’t recalled.

Erker said that based on the kind of financial support the university receives from the energy sector and other related sectors, the degree would be the most expensive the university has ever granted. Therefore, U of A might lose half the contributions if the degree isn’t rescinded.

According to a post by Fraser Forbes, many Albertans feel betrayed by the University of Alberta as it has chosen to confer an honorary doctorate degree to Suzuki, someone they see as an enemy.

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