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Architect of your own Career?

Are you the architect of your own career? Or better still, do you work for a reinventor? You don’t have to work for a startup company to enjoy open communication, creative problem solving and a flat organizational hierarchy. Read on to find out why reinventors are now the real-deal when it comes to employment and […]

How Many Products are Made from a Single Barrel of Oil

Petroleum can make up to 6,000 products. A barrel of oil is about 42 gallons, making up 19.4 gallons of gasoline. More than half of the oil is used to make natural gas and petroleum. They can be used in electricity generation. Petroleum is used to make plastic, which in turn is used to make […]

Take Notice, Alberta is an Innovative Province

Gires, the previous Total (a French energy company with operations in Canada) CEO, says water (a scarce resource) management is as important as gas and oil extracted from the ground. With increased population and climate change, water increasingly becomes a scarce resource. Swirltex, a startup business based in Edmonton, has developed a technology that has […]

Reference checking is a valuable tool in the hiring process

Assessment is top of mind for anyone recruiting candidates. The tools to assess have evolved substantially over the last 20 years. Better interviewing techniques and in-depth personality profiling via a variety of psychological tests are now mainstream in the evaluation process. One tool of assessment, however, that is critical to assessment is more and more […]

Canada Positioned to be the preferred source of energy imports by the world.

In 2017 the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) conducted a survey through Ipsos. The Global Energy Pulse was the first of its kind and had more than 22,000 respondents from 32 countries. 31 percent indicated Canada is the preferred choice for oil and natural gas imports. This puts Canada at the top of the […]

IEA Predicts Oil Shortage and Price Increases by 2020

The International Energy Agency forecasts oil price increase and oil shortage by 2020. The agency attributes this to lean investments in the energy sector by oil firms over the last couple of years. It said this could lead to decreased supply and increased demand in the next five years, triggering a spike in oil prices. […]

President Elect Donald Trump could boost demand for Canadian Oil

The United States imported 9 million barrels of oil produced daily last year from Canada. Canada produces roughly 43 percent (3,870,000 barrels) of the oil that is imported by the United States where as OPEC’s produces 36 percent. With President-Elect Donald Trump’s talk of putting an end to importing oil from hostile OPEC nations could […]

It is time we start selling Alberta’s potential

In the midst of economic uncertainty, Deborah Yedlin argues that Alberta has the potential to sustain an improved economy. She admits it will take time but points out the education and affordable talent that make their home in Calgary, including scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs. She discusses the potential for Alberta of diversification, connections between industries, […]

Exxon’s Optimistic Outlook for many years.

Exxon Mobil Corporation published a new long-term outlook in January focusing on what energy and gas will be like by 2040. Their findings predict an optimistic outlook for many years and discuss the future of things such as renewable power and carbon emissions in various parts of the world. To read the full article follow […]

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