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With over three decades in the business, we have placed over 1,000 people in positions in the Calgary oil and natural gas sector. We are the career enabler for management candidates, executive personnel and technical specialists seeking advanced roles in Calgary’s oil and natural gas industry.

With discretion, sensitivity and the highest ethics, we will not only help you find your next job – we will help you make sure it’s a great one, and we will continue to be available to help you throughout your entire career.

Genesis will be with you every step of the way throughout the recruitment process – from the first phone calls, through all the negotiations, to closing – plus your onboarding with your new company.

We understand that you might not be ready to move right now. The question is when should you consider a stronger opportunity? We can help you answer that question. Feel free to give us a call. There’s no obligation or cost.

When we reach out to you…
When we contact you about a possible job opening, it’s great news for you – because it means we have identified you as a potential fit for an exploration and production company. Below is a list of ways we help guide you through this complicated yet vital process:

When you receive an offer…
After you are short-listed, interviewed, referenced, and the company makes you an offer, we’ll be there to assist in the negotiations. Below is a list of ways we make sure you’re in the right hands while closing with an employer:

How can we help you today?

Our client service team are ready to help you today.

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