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Corporate Client Services

Our Process

For our corporate clients getting you the person you need is our core service. Here is how Genesis makes this happen:

Retained Searches: Complete commitment to you with retained searches.
Individual Care: We treat each client and candidate as an individual with specific needs.
Quality Candidates: Genesis seeks only the best, not the first, candidate.
Specialization and focus: We work exclusively with the oil and natural gas sector.
Consulting Relationships: We develop relationships with our clients as opposed to performing transactions.
Assessment: Our unique market intelligence is supported by an unprecedented database.

Retained Searches
Genesis operates on a retained basis. We are able to find the best candidates thanks to our research depth, market intelligence and the expertise we put into each search. Here is a list of retained search characteristics that help Genesis search for, assess and short-list the best three to four candidates for your position:

Our market intelligence and industry specialization allow us to provide informed advice on suitable compensation and benefits for your company’s available position. We remain involved throughout negotiations and your employment offers will typically flow through us. Genesis participates actively in the subsequent negotiations, helping both parties as the process continues.

Our intermediary position provides opportunity for each party to address sensitive issues effectively. As our relationship develops and we continue to conduct searches for you, we come to understand your business more with each hire. By working together, we learn from each other and achieve even better results.

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