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How Many Products are Made from a Single Barrel of Oil

Petroleum can make up to 6,000 products. A barrel of oil is about 42 gallons, making up 19.4 gallons of gasoline. More than half of the oil is used to make natural gas and petroleum. They can be used in electricity generation. Petroleum is used to make plastic, which in turn is used to make toys, cars, houses, clothing and computers.

Synthetic rubber and asphalt are other by-products of petroleum. They are used in the manufacturing of tires and road construction, respectively. Herbicides, paraffin wax, packaging materials, fertilizers, phonograph records, furniture, surfboards, detergent, pesticides, artificial fibres, photographic film and paint are other by-products of petroleum.

Artificial fibres are used to make clothing, carpet backing and upholstery. Other products made from petroleum and its by-products include the following:

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