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Take Notice, Alberta is an Innovative Province

Gires, the previous Total (a French energy company with operations in Canada) CEO, says water (a scarce resource) management is as important as gas and oil extracted from the ground.

With increased population and climate change, water increasingly becomes a scarce resource. Swirltex, a startup business based in Edmonton, has developed a technology that has caught the attention of Gires.

It is designed to help the energy industry treat wastewater and reuse it as a solution to water scarcity in the oil and gas sector. The technology has a great potential effect on the energy industry.

The membrane filtration technology has been developed to manipulate wastewater contaminants’ buoyancy. It has sparked some interest in the industry.

The liquid is then pumped into the tubular membrane for spinning. Contaminants that float move to the membrane’s centre whereas water stays on the outside.

The resulting clean water can support hydraulic fracturing and industrial use. The technology is currently being used to service local communities depending on lagoon wastewater treatment.

The technology can generate revenue for the small communities, in addition to minimizing the impact on the environment. Alberta’s oil and gas companies can also benefit from the technology.

With the small communities, sourcing water from streams and rivers isn’t an option.  Treat and reuse wastewater; the new technology is a cost-effective solution to water wastage management.

Hydraulic fracturing operations require clean, consistent water and thus can benefit from the technology due to their high water needs. The technology doesn’t allow water wastage.

Small communities such as First Nations require cost-effective water shortage solutions. Ponoka has adopted the technology; it has a population of 7,200. The technology would generate extra income for the town.

The small communities sell treated water and charges for every cubic litre used. Alberta is leading the oil and gas sector worldwide in innovating solutions to common problems in the industry.

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